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What is COMP — College of Marketing Pros?

COMP — CollegeOfMarketingPros.org — is a site for online training to gain Digital Marketing competency skills for working marketing professionals.  COMP is a division of Webdirexion LLC, a Content Marketing Agency. We have a team of marketing pros who curate the best courses, and teach some ourselves.   Unless otherwise noted (we list some books and class curriculum by Adobe Publishing, for example) Udemy.com provides the underlying courseware — the training platform and software where you work on your courses — and it is with Udemy.com that you make your course payments and get support for same.  Terms of Service for use of Udemy are here.  Webdirexion & COMP have an affiliate marketing agreement with Udemy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Certification?  Udemy courses all offer a “Certificate of Completion” which is a nice item to show for your resume, and to employers who may pay for your class.  In addition, the Udemy team is working on a broader Digital Marketing Certification — stay tuned.

What’s the difference between COMP Faculty, and other Instructors for courses listed here?  Since COMP is currently a marketing affiliate for courses at Udemy.com, we list a series of courses by other independent instructors that have fielded related offerings with good reviews.  The difference is that COMP Faculty are all working professionals in the field of online Marketing, are collaborating and coordinating to develop a sequence of cutting edge marketing courses, and are working together to review and perfect each other’s offerings.  Faculty will also offer cross promotional offers to students who wish to proceed through course sequences to further their learning.  And, COMP faculty will provide certifications for certain courses and segments to help advance the careers of students.

Where can I get course support?  You can get support for the courses, software used for same, and for all billing questions and issues, directly at support at Udemy.com.

Can I give a course as a gift?  Yes.  All courses offered through Udemy do offer a gift purchase option –>  for example, use this link to purchase our course, Content Marketing Power with WordPress (tip:  check our specials page for discount codes)

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