What to Expect from COMP in the Coming Months

COMP is ready to roll out! Here’s what to expect in the coming months, phase by phase. Some details are subject to change based on student needs and feedback.

Phase I: Certification Course
We will start by offering a comprehensive certificate in online marketing, which students may obtain through three steps:

  1. Successfully completing a selection of courses
  2. Studying beyond those courses by watching related videos we will provide
  3. Passing a comprehensive exam

Phase II: Real World Seminars/Consulting/Custom Training
Based on feedback from students and prospects, we will offer real-world trainings in conjunction with ongoing online courses. We will also be pleased to provide custom training and corporate team consulting.

Phase III: Additional Courses
We believe that more specific and niche courses will be of value to our students. Examples include “Online Marketing for Inns and Hotels” and “B2B Online Marketing for Healthcare Technology Companies.” Offerings may evolve or expand depending on feedback from our students.

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